November 9, 2023
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October 2023 Feature Update

Unveiling the latest features we built in response to your feedback.


Welcome to the latest installment of our monthly feature update at configure8! We're dedicated to continuously improving your internal developers’ experience. This October, we're excited to unveil a suite of enhancements that have been directly influenced by your invaluable feedback and suggestions. Let's dive into the new features that are set to streamline your workflow!

Feature Spotlight:

  • AWS Security Hub: Streamline your security management with our new integration. Quickly assign issues to the appropriate owners, monitor remediation progress, and leverage automation to expedite the process. Discover more in our blog post and documentation.
  • On-Premise Deployments: configure8 is now more accessible than ever, with deployment capabilities extending to any cloud or data center. This update opens doors for customers in highly regulated industries. Learn more here.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Expanded Automapping Capabilities: configure8 already offers a powerful feature to automatically map your resources to the appropriate services and environments. We now support new patterns, like AWS Landing Zones.
  • Filter by Metadata: Utilize our new 'Filter by Metadata' feature to craft custom views that align with specific content attributes, making data navigation even more intuitive. Read more.
  • Metadata on Resources: We’ve expanded your ability to annotate catalog entries to cloud or on-premise resources with metadata. For example, you can use this feature to add deep links to logs or keys you may want to filter on.
  • Credential Management API: Previously, credentials were managed by administrators inside the configure8 UI. We’ve now exposed our credentials management API. Use it to automatically integrate new AWS accounts in line with the AWS Landing Zone pattern. Read more.
  • New ‘Deploys’ Tab: Simplify your deployment tracking with our new tab, which collates deployment data from your repository providers and into a centralized view. Read more.

Customer Feedback and Involvement

Your voice has been instrumental in shaping configure8. We’re committed to incorporating your insights to deliver the most effective internal developer portal solution. For further suggestions or inquiries, please contact us at  

What's Next

Stay tuned for our November update, where we'll unveil an accelerated onboarding experience among other features, all designed to improve your developers’ experience. Your success remains at the heart of everything we do!

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