Achieve High Standards with Scorecards

Stop struggling with inconsistent, outdated or hard-to-measure standards.
Use Scorecards by configure8 to easily define, measure, and improve compliance with reliability, security, and architecture standards.

Watch a 4 minute scenario intro + demo video.

Watch a 4 minute scenario intro + demo video.

Tangible Benefits

Accelerate Initiatives By Up To 60%

  • Measure and improve faster by automating previously manual work

Improve Compliance Rates

  • Achieve superior compliance rates thanks to enhanced transparency and org-wide visibility into team performance

Build Culture

  • Build your culture of reliability, security and innovation by give your team clear guidance about the next best action to improve, why this action matters, and how to accomplish it

Tailored to your organization’s needs

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and every organization is unique. That’s why we offer the largest library of scorecard checks in the industry and support checks against custom data passed via API.

Operational Readiness

Define what it means to be ready for production and post-production audits. Detect missing elements or degradation.

Operational Maturity

Measure maturity levels for SLOs, incident response, vulnerability remediation, and more.

Development Maturity

Measure maturity metrics like whether a repo contains the right files, the recency of the last commit, and whether PRs are required.


Define and measure deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recovery, and change failure rates.


Whether you are migrating platforms, transitioning to a new stack, upgrading library versions, or even migrating to new standards, Scorecards helps you track progress, identify risks, and, when combined with Self-Serve Actions, accelerate your success.


Define the severity and count of unremediated vulnerabilities, see which services and teams are exposed, and measure progress addressing them.

How it works

Create a Scorecard In Our No Code UI

  • Define your initiative by selecting from over 40 metrics as well as custom data you pass in via our API
  • Codify standards by declaring a success level for each metric
  • Evergreen or deadline-driven initiative?

Inspire Action At Scale

  • Programmatically notify teams of new initiatives
  • Offer guidance to select teams to coach and support them

Measure Progress

  • Assess individual team progress against goals
  • Drill into detail on underperforming teams to surface teachable insights
  • Teams can see scorecard progress by service and across services
  • Org-wide leaderboard so teams can see their performance relative to others

Automatically Enforce Standards

  • Optionally, control deployments based on Scorecard results
  • Have your CI/CD system fetch the state of a Scorecard check via the configure8 API

Get Started in Minutes!

Try Scorecards for free today, and see the positive cultural impact transparency can make in your organization.

Single-click integrations

  • Why write YAML and manually configure each plugin when you can securely integrate in 1 click? Integrate K8s without an agent too.

Quickly populates; avoids drift

  • Automatically populate your catalog with services and dependencies.*
  • Automatically map resources to environments and services.
  • Avoid drift to maintain catalog accuracy.*

* Requires use of supported tools

Enterprise features + support

  • RBAC, SSO, and rigorous security.
  • Hosted or deployed on-premise.
  • "White glove" success and support.