Why security teams choose configure8

configure8’s living map of your engineering team and systems, analytics and automations make software governance easy!

Achieve High Standards with Scorecards

Stop wasting time and money measuring standards and controls using home grown solutions and busy talent.
Use Scorecards to easily define, measure, and improve compliance with your security and quality controls as well as best practices.

Scorecard Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Easily measure compliance with key security, quality and best practice controls

  • Enforce controls and standards at the time of deployment

  • Proactively achieve standards in order to avoid incidents

Developer Benefits

  • Improve developer satisfaction thanks to clear guidance about the next best action to improve compliance, why this action matters, and how to accomplish it

Security, Audit, and Risk Benefits

  • Reduce security operations and compliance TCO

  • Organize all vulnerabilities in one place, map them to internal owners and organizational context, track team progress resolving issues

  • Easily tailor controls to your organization’s needs

  • Nearly 60% faster completion of compliance initiatives

Accelerate Fixes via Self-Serve Actions

With configure8, developers can quickly remediate common policy violations with push-button ease in our no code UI.

Benefits of Platform Orchestration

Organizational Benefits

  • Accelerate time to remediate security vulnerabilities as well as achieve standards and controls

Developer Benefits

  • Enables doing things the “right way” the easy way

Security, Audit, and Risk Benefits

  • Auditor-ready evidence captured throughout the SDLC

What Makes configure8 Unique

More Knowledge = More Power

Unmatched breadth and depth of information enables you to solve more problems fast


  • Enable developers to execute day 2 operations without hunting for resource settings

  • Show developers the cost and cost drivers of the services they own

  • Create security scorecards that automap resource-level vulnerabilities to impacted service owners

  • Automatically update developers’ access to Actions and Catalog Items when they change teams

Flexibility Without Complexity

  • Ingest data from any source, schematize it, relate it to other items, transform it with custom calculations, and present it using customizable widgets, tabs, and tables

  • Create dashboards and metrics to suit your stakeholders' needs via custom charts and tables as well as custom calculations

  • Customize the look and feel of configure8 to match your enterprise’s brand identity

  • All the enterprise features (RBAC, SCIM/SSO, Self-Hosted or SaaS, robust APIs, etc.)

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Quick time to value thanks to rapid data ingestion and auto mapping

  • Low maintenance burden thanks to automated drift avoidance

  • Consultative solutions engineering to accelerate time to value and ensure your success

Get Started in Minutes!

See how easy it is to get started in our documentation.

Single-click integrations with your cloud(s) and tools

Automation to organize your sociotechnical knowledge map

No code UI to make defining scorecards and populating your self-serve actions library a breeze