We’re on a mission to liberate knowledge

Today, essential knowledge about engineering output and other artifacts has become trapped inside a growing array of tools and tribes at companies that use a distributed cloud architecture.

We're on a mission to liberate this knowledge by making it accessible and actionable in a tool loved by teams of developers who write, deploy and operate code as well as loved by technology team, group and department leaders.


Meet our team of happy craftspeople obsessed with
empowering your team to manage development sprawl.

Seth Demsey

CEO and Co-Founder

Co-founder & CEO. Ex AOL, Google, Microsoft, NASA, clean.io, X-ID. 60+ patents.

Jay Crystal


Co-founder & President. Ex AOL, clean.io, X-ID, private equity and investment banking. 4 patents.

Sean Senior

Chief Architect

Chief Architect. Ex Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Edelman, fintech startup, U.S. Navy.

Tom Begley

Product Manager

Product Manager. Ex Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Edelman Financial.

Smitha Surapaneni

Full Stack Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer. Ex AOL and advertising.com. 1 patent.

Alex Eysfeld

Senior Back-End Engineer

Senior Back-End Engineer. Ex 3i, Inc. and DataMicron.

Matthew Davies

Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Front-End Engineer. Ex Optorun Loans + fin-tech start-up.

Jon Ermel

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer. Ex WorkForce Software and Foko Retail.

Sinan Işil

Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineer. Ex ColoredStrategies, CitySurf, BBDO

Mustafa Tavbatir

UI Designer

UI Designer. Ex ColoredStrategies, Alafortanfoni

Roksolana Dinter

Senior Back-End Engineer

Certified AWS Solutions Architect, Ex FinTech, RegTech and MarTech start-ups.

Collins Gantz

Lead Business Development Representative

Ex Account Executive, Platform Start-Up.

The story behind us

configure8 was founded in 2021 by Seth Demsey and Jay Crystal to solve pain points they experienced in start-ups they've built as well as when building software inside established companies. After the initial launch from Jay's backyard during the pandemic, our team has grown and focused on building a novel solution for forward-thinking companies of all sizes.

The mission behind all our work

When we began our journey, only the very largest companies had access to custom-built tooling that alleviated pain points around creating and managing reliable software built on a distributed cloud architecture. Our mission is to democratize access to high-quality tooling for teams of any size that alleviates the burdens of software development sprawl.

The values that drive
everything we do

Customer Love

Our customers are developers and engineering managers.  We are developers and engineering managers.  We bring empathy and love for our users in all that we do.


Our customers demand quality.  We know that because, as developers, we demand quality.


We challenge the status quo and love the challenge of ‘it can’t be done’. We move quickly and with calculation.


We do what we say, and say what we mean.

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