configure8 is a developer experience platform that helps technology teams navigate their distributed architecture and manage sprawl.

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How It Works

Organize your operations

Empower your engineers to find an individual application, service, or cloud resource. See key information organized in one place.  Drill into details.  Deep link into underlying tools.

Incident Response

Easily create incidents, communicate with owners, and find all the information you need about a service, resource or application.

configure8 | Key incident response capabilities of configure8. Track all your services, applications and cross-cloud resources.

Get answers to powerful questions

Empower engineering leaders to gain insights without interrupting teams.

Frequently-Asked + Custom Questions

Use pre-built, scenario-specific filters or create your own reusable filters to answer your key questions or just to explore. Filters avoid the need to write SQL-like queries.

Comprehensive Insights

Explore how dimensions like cloud costs, health, performance, and staffing relate to your applications, services, cloud resources at the environment level, and teams.

Which of my production services are not running the latest version of node.js?
configure8 | Explore and understand questions about your engineering teams.
Illustrative Question
Does my organization face risk from minimal on-call developer redundancy?
configure8 | Easily answer key questions about your services, applications, cross-cloud resources and teams.  In this example, understand whether and where your organization faces risk from minimal on-call developer redundancy.
Can I save money by shutting down any non-production environments?

Get Value In Minutes

Yes, really.

Hosted  in our secure AWS environment. Need c8 deployed to your AWS account?  Talk to sales.


Connect cloud(s) + repo(s)

Read-only permission
Key-based access

: Get a searchable cross-cloud, cross-account view of your resources.


Map resources to services

Benefit: See cloud costs per environment; scaffolds basic catalog pages and knowledge graph.


Enrich, then share!

Connect more tools, add plugins, add documentation links, tag owners and dependencies.

Benefit: Catalog and knowledge graph complete. You're ready to share with your team!

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