The Software Development Knowledge Graph

configure8 consolidates data and knowledge fragmented across clouds, tools, and teams.

Now, everyone in your organization can discover essential information about your applications, services, and infrastructure in one place.

Your Destination for Doing and Deciding

An Internal Developer Portal is vital to keeping your organization organized, informed, and focused on what matters.

Fragmented Service Knowledge

Who’s on call?

Who are the owners?

Where are the docs, specs, and runbooks?

What are its dependencies and dependents?

Where are key metrics (i.e., reliability, security, costs)?

What is the blast radius of a service outage?

Hard to Answer Questions

What is the cost of my services per environment (coming soon!)

Which of my production services are not running the desired version of a selected third-party library?

Which resources are running but are not actually used?

Lack of Infrastructure Transparency

Where can I see all my global cloud resources in one place organized by environment and service?

What infrastructure is not associated with a service?

Which of my services are impacted by an outage or resource vulnerability?

Difficult to Track Initiatives

How can I replace spreadsheets and programmatically align teams and drive best practices across my organization?

How can I define and enforce standards that meet my organization’s needs?

How can I enable leadership with visibility to track progress and risk?

Why configure8 is Different

We’re not the first Knowledge Graph you’ve heard of, and there are plenty of products that claim to do it all. Here’s what sets us apart:

Easy to Start & Maintain

  • Unlike solutions that require a major engineering investment to get going and maintain, with configure8 you can get started in minutes

  • Simple integrations with 3rd-party tools and clouds facilitate automatic data ingestion

  • Map your services to your resources, and you’re on your way

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Graph Powered

  • Not just another static wiki – configure8’s knowledge graph is unique in its ability to join previously disparate dimensions and log historical data

  • This enables leadership to answer key questions and development teams who write and operate code to understand key relationships and details

  • configure8 also maintains an always-fresh connection to your tools and clouds so everything is up-to-date

Truly End-to-End

  • configure8 is the first service-aware AND fully infrastructure-aware catalog

  • It’s not enough only to be service-aware or simply map K8 or ECS clusters to services. You still need to understand your full operational footprint like elastic IPs, VPCs, storage, and databases

Every Tool

Software Development isn’t just data and code, it’s people too.
And infrastructure, and … a lot more. configure8 understands this, so *everything* is a part of your knowledge graph.


Compute, Storage & CDNs


Repos and CI/CD

And So Much More

Applications & Services
Docs & Runbooks
Languages, PII & More

Empower Your Team

Development Team, Engineering Leaders, and Platform Teams  - all benefit from configure8.
We designed this platform to make you better at your job, and we’re confident that it will.

SREs, DevOps, and Platform Engineering Teams

  • Empower your development teams with the platform experience they deserve

  • Define and track progress against best practices (coming soon!)

  • Easily answer questions in one place that previously required gathering data from multiple tools

Engineering Leaders

  • Gain visibility and control over cloud costs, security, performance, and ownership

  • Drive accountability and alignment via team-wide initiatives (coming soon!)

  • Foster a culture of reliability and ownership

Development Teams

  • Alleviate on-call stress

  • Understand everything about existing services to deploy with confidence

  • Improve via measurable progress on team-wide initiatives (coming soon!)

Get Started in Minutes!

Up and running in 3 steps

Self-serve or enterprise
“white glove” onboarding

Hosted in our secure AWS
environment or yours

What is a SDKG?

What is an internal developer portal? Why is it so crucial to modern organizations? What's the benefit of a portal built on a living, universal knowledge graph?

We've put together resources to help answer these questions.

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