Why Engineering Leaders Choose configure8

The smart choice for helping your engineering team build better software faster.

Accelerate Velocity via Self-Serve Actions

Creating a new service involves wiring many things together in code. Common day 2 operation, like  changing an env variable or re-running a data pipeline, can involve lengthy ticket queues that slow velocity and burn out your ops team. While scripts and IAC reduce TicketOps, engineers instead struggle with the cognitive load of finding the right script, configuring it, and learning to execute it in IAC.

Self-serve actions by configure8 enables your application, data, DevOps and quality engineers to create something new as well as perform day-2 operations instantly without cognitive load. Our no-code UI abstracts away the complexity of discovering and using your blueprints for best practices while leveraging your existing tool chain to seamlessly integrate with your processes for approval, validation, and execution.

Benefits of Self-Serve Actions

Organizational Benefits

  • 30% faster time to market

  • Increased consistency

Developer Benefits

  • 0 minute wait times for infrastructure changes

Platform Engineer Benefits

  • Dramatic reductions in ticket volume and increased adoption of reusable templates

  • Eliminates significant maintenance overhead

Achieve High Standards with Scorecards

Stop struggling with inconsistent, outdated or hard-to-measure standards. Use Scorecards by configure8 to define, measure, and improve compliance with reliability, security, and architecture standards, all with unrivaled ease and flexibility. Your team can even programmatically prevent CI/CD deployments when the service is not meeting internal standards.

Scorecard Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Nearly 60% faster completion of org-wide initiatives

  • Increases in compliance with security, architecture, and reliability standards

Developer Benefits

  • Improvements in developer satisfaction thanks to clear guidance about the next best action to improve a service, why this action matters, and how to accomplish it

Platform Engineer Benefits

  • Lower TCO for an enterprise-grade solution

Get Organized!

With configure8’s Universal Catalog, your team can quickly and easily build a living sociotechnical knowledge map of your team and software – your applications, their services, data pipelines and ML jobs, environments, and cloud resources – and key information about each item, all in one place.

Universal Catalog Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Reduces incident MTTR

  • Accelerates new developer onboarding and training

  • Creates stable knowledge artifact ahead of employee churn

  • Lays a powerful foundation for analytics and insights

Developer Benefits

  • Alleviates on-call stress

  • Helpful guidance on next best action to improve compliance

  • Faster time to first productive commit

  • Reduced cognitive load from everything in one place

Platform Engineer Benefits

  • Minimal set-up and maintenance overhead

  • Reduces TCO of your IDP

  • Reduced cognitive load (versus navigating cloud consoles and tools)

Boost Your Cloud Compute Efficiency Through Transparency

Don’t let your cloud costs spiral because your engineers lack optics into the costs of running the code they own.

With configure8, you can enable your engineers to see the cloud computing costs associated with the code they own, drill into cost drivers, and understand resource configuration settings, linkages, and dependent environments and services. Then, they can use configure8’s Self-Serve Actions to instantly implement cost-saving changes, all while leveraging consistent patterns and guardrails you define.

configure8 also strengthens your team’s partnership with finance. Enable FinOps to align costs with your system’s architecture. In an upcoming version, configure8 will also enable you to link your cloud costs to business metrics, like cost per customer, unit, query or endpoint, and track this over time. Now, engineering and finance can understand cloud cost changes tied to growth versus changes in efficiency.

Cloud Cost Visibility Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Improvements in cloud computing efficiency

Developer Benefits

  • Optics into the costs they control

  • Empowered to improve cost efficiency within defined guardrails

Platform Engineer Benefits

  • Reduced ticket volume and greater consistency as developers self-service improvements in cloud efficiency

What Makes configure8 Unique

More Knowledge = More Power

  • Unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge cataloged

  • Superior global search and filtration + visual discovery of knowledge

  • Ridiculously flexible Scorecards + huge library of prebuilt checks enable tailored standards supporting security, reliability, DevOps & more

  • Only solution featuring collaborative cost management out-of-the-box

Self-Serve Actions for Every Engineering Scenario

  • Dynamic forms + dropdowns to alleviate cognitive load

  • Artfully woven throughout portal scenarios to drive adoption

  • On-demand, custom golden path development to accelerate your journey

Flexible, Fast Solution With All the Enterprise Features

  • Flexible data model

  • Fast and simple to connect tools using credential-based plugins

  • Robust API to onboard custom data

  • Get a fully inflated catalog fast without writing code or YAML

  • Limited maintenance thanks to automated drift avoidance

  • Enterprise features like RBAC for catalog, search & API; SSO

  • With configure8, you’re not just buying software you’re buying success. configure8 is delivered as a solution complete with best practices and consultative support

Get Started in Minutes!

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Single-click integrations with your cloud(s) and tools

Automation to organize your sociotechnical knowledge map

No code UI to make defining scorecards and populating your self-serve actions library a breeze