No Code Customization

Easily tailor your developer portal to the contours of your enterprise.

Experience the Power of Data Flexibility and Speed of No Code

Flexibility Unleashed

  • Ingest data from any source in your software development ecosystem, be it an internal source or third-party tool 

  • Customize your developer portal’s schema in order to tailor it to the unique contours of your organization (and not the other way around!)

  • Deliver value to any persona thanks to configure8’s data relationship map and customizable presentation layer

  • Turn data into insights with customizable analytic capabilities

Speed to Value with No Code

Why get tangled in code and maintenance when you can achieve more, faster, without compromise? Our no-code editor streamlines your time to value by enabling you to quickly build and map your own schema, create custom analytics, and tailor your presentation layer. You can also leverage our pre-built connectors.

Without Compromise

Your data is a first-class citizen in configure8. It enjoys the same role based access control, discoverability via global search, and availability for use in self-serve actions, scorecards, and various catalog scenarios.

Flexibility In Action

Common examples of how data flexibility can work for you in configure8.

How it works

Define Custom Schemas and Relate Using JSON

Use JSON to define your custom schemas, featuring a variety of data types and multiple relationship options (1:1, 1:many, many:many), extending system catalog schemas or creating brand new  user-defined schemas. Many samples available.

Automatic REST API

Populate your new schema in configure8 with data using the REST API (or the UI), and immediately see value!

Visibility and Accessibility

Your new data is not just integrated but also easily searchable and filterable in the catalog, accessible globally or in related data contexts.

Get a Personalized Look and Feel

See how easy is to style your developer portal to match your organization’s look and feel in our documentation.

Your Look

Use your company’s logo and color scheme (coming in 1Q24) with customizable UIs

Your Feel

Unrivaled flexibility to tailor the UI/UX of Self-Serve Actions in order to achieve the right abstraction level for your developers.

Your Organization

Easily organize, present and filter information around the unique contours of your enterprise.