Boost Your Cloud Cost Efficiency 
Through Transparency

Give your team the visibility they need to make smart cloud cost decisions.

Watch a 2 minute scenario intro + demo video.

Watch a 2 minute scenario intro + demo video.

Unmatched Cost Visibility

Don’t let your cloud costs spiral out of control because your engineers lack optics into the costs of running the code they own. With configure8, you can empower your engineers and finops teams with unrivaled visibility into your cloud spend. Slice and dice costs across your clouds and accounts by nearly any dimension, zoom in to see detailed cost drivers and trends.

Made Actionable For Engineers

Don’t just see your cloud costs, change them. With configure8’s Universal Catalog, you can access all the information you need about cloud resources to inform change: configuration settings, resource linkages, as well as dependent environments and services. Then, use configure8’s Self-Serve Actions to implement changes to your resources that follow your best practices, all without waiting in an ops ticket queue.

Strengthens Your Partnership With Finance
(Coming Soon)

With configure8, you can:easily link your cloud costs to specific business metrics, such as customers, units, queries or endpoints, and track them over time. Now, engineering and finance can understand cloud cost changes tied to growth versus changes in efficiency.You can also use configure8 to set and track cloud budgets across your applications, services, and teams. Get weekly updates on your spending progress to keep everyone on track.

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1- Connect your clouds securely

  • One-click integration with AWS
  • Get cost insights and a resource catalog populated automatically (allow 1 - 2 days for AWS to load the initial cost data)
  • Enterprise-grade security, SSO, RBAC and more

2- Optionally, unlock additional insights