June 5, 2024
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Introducing: Wiz + configure8 Integration

Effortlessly connect identified issues to owners, track remediation efforts, and even offer automations to accelerate those efforts.

We're excited to announce our latest solution to help organizations achieve high standards for security at enterprise scale: configure8’s integration with Wiz, a leading cloud-native vulnerability management platform. This collaboration is designed to bolster internal visibility into vulnerabilities and streamline the process to remediate issues.

Wiz is a leading security solution that provides visibility, context, and risk prioritization throughout the development lifecycle. Yet, one vital question lingers: How certain are you that the stewards of your cloud resources and the services that depend on them are both aware of and actively addressing identified issues?

On its own, Wiz - like most security tools - is not aware of who owns what within your organization. Connecting the intricate web of application and service owners to identified issues can become a Herculean task, especially in enterprises that operate at scale. Time is of the essence when faced with high-severity threats.

The Benefits of Wiz + configure8‍ for Enterprises

The combination of Wiz and configure8 enables an array of tangible benefits for enterprises:

  • Unprecedented Visibility: Every vulnerability and misconfiguration becomes instantly visible to the development teams that own services and environments which rely on an impacted resource.
  • Proactive Engagement: Owners of services are programmatically alerted to risks that surpass set thresholds, ensuring timely responses to identified issues.
  • Effortless Remediation Tracking: Monitor remediation efforts across your organizations.
  • Streamlined Issue Resolution:  Leverage golden paths devised by your platform team to facilitate easy and effective issue remediation by developers when impactful issues are found by Wiz.

Behind The Integration:

At the heart of configure8's Internal Developer Portal lies its Universal Catalog, which is a dynamic registry of every application, service, environment, tool, and resource, and importantly, their respective owners.

With configure8's Scorecards, not only can you identify services falling below security benchmarks, but also engage relevant stakeholders directly, guiding them through remediation steps and tracking progress towards security excellence. Golden Paths simplify the developers' journey to address issues flagged by Wiz, encapsulating the true power of this integration.

Why It Matters:

This partnership is not just about technological integration; it's about creating an ecosystem where security is proactive, responsive, and integrated seamlessly into the development process. With configure8 and Wiz, you're not just responding to vulnerabilities; you're transforming the very fabric of your security posture.

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