October 17, 2023
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Introducing Filter by Metadata

Unveiling Tailored Views in configure8's Internal Developer Portal

At configure8, we've always been passionate about giving users the flexibility they need to curate their developer portal to reflect the unique contours of their organization. In our continuous journey to enhance your user experience, we're thrilled to introduce our newest feature: Filter by Metadata. Here's what you need to know about it.

Why It Matters

Metadata isn't merely  secondary data. At configure8, it's a magic ingredient that brings flexibility into how your users can consume information contained in your internal developer portal. Think of metadata as an additional identifier in a relational database, offering direct pointers to specific attributes of your content. The 'Filter by Metadata' functionality unlocks this data, enabling users to craft views filtered through this special “lens.” That's the power of filtering by metadata in configure8.

How It Works

Let's illustrate with a relatable scenario. In the world of business, entities like 'Business Units' exist ubiquitously. These units may build multiple software applications that are each composed of various services, serverless functions, and data pipelines. But what if you wanted to view all the services tied to a specific business unit? That's where metadata comes into play.

Here's a simple step-by-step process:

  • Whether via API or in the configure8 UI, define a new type of metadata that is type = text and called “BusinessUnit.”
  • Next, add the appropriate BusinessUnit value to each service.

Filtering with Ease via Autocomplete Magic: Once you have annotated your services with metadata, head over to the Services table in configure8. Look for the 'Filter by Metadata' option. Here, specify the 'BusinessUnit' key. As you begin to type, configure8’s autocomplete feature springs into action. It not only helps you quickly identify the key but also presents you with all potential values associated with it. Simply select the business unit you're interested in, and voila! You have a tailored view of all services linked to that unit.

Whether a business unit, engineering group, data privacy classification schema, or something else, your ability to organize and discover information in your internal developer portal is unbounded.

The Benefits

The 'Filter by Metadata' feature isn’t just about sorting and organizing – it’s about discovery, customization, and a tailored user experience.

configure8 offers an extremely flexible data model that enables you to represent your data in a way that maps to your organization’s information architecture and tool schemas. ‘Filter by Metadata’ is an example of this flexibility. 

Want to Dive Deeper? Get more details on ‘Filter by Metadata’ by heading over to our documentation. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that reveal more about configure8’s data model flexibility.

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