October 2, 2023
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Introducing: AWS Security Hub + configure8 Integration

Effortlessly connect identified issues to owners, track remediation efforts, and even offer automations to accelerate those efforts.

Not a day goes by that does not reinforce the critical importance of cloud security. AWS Security Hub is an increasingly common tool that offers an in-depth perspective of your security posture within AWS. By aligning its capabilities with industry benchmarks and best practices, AWS Security Hub consolidates security insights across your AWS accounts, AWS resources, and even third-party products.

Yet, one vital question lingers: How certain are you that the stewards of your cloud resources and the services that depend on them are both aware of and actively addressing identified issues?

On its own, AWS Security Hub - like most security tools - is not aware of who owns what within your organization. Connecting the intricate web of application and service owners to identified issues can become a Herculean task, especially in enterprises that operate at scale. Time is of the essence when faced with high-severity threats.

Enter AWS Security Hub + configure8

The combination of AWS Security Hub and configure8 enables an array of tangible benefits for enterprises:

  1. Visibility Like Never Before: Every AWS resource in Security Hub becomes instantly visible to the development teams that own services which rely on an impacted resource.
  2. Proactive Alerts: Owners of services are programmatically alerted to risks that surpass set thresholds, ensuring timely responses to identified issues.
  3. Effortless Tracking: Monitor remediation efforts in real-time, ensuring teams achieve the standards you desire for security.
  4. Automated Solutions: Simplify the remediation process for developers with Self-Serve Actions created by their platform team to help remediate issues found in AWS Security Hub.

The Mechanism Behind the Magic

At the heart of configure8's Internal Developer Portal lies its living sociotechnical knowledge map, which is a dynamic registry of every application, service, environment, tool, and AWS resource, and importantly, their respective owners.

With Scorecards by configure8, not only can you spot services that fall below security standards, but also proactively notify stakeholders, guide them through the mitigation process, and keep tabs on overall remediation progression. Self-Serve Actions by configure8 enable your platform team to simplify the process for developers to remediate issues found in AWS Security Hub.

The icing on the cake? A seamless "single-click" integration with AWS resources and Security Hub. Say goodbye to the tedious set-up processes; configure8 has got you covered. Dive deeper into the details in our documentation.

In Conclusion

In the dynamic realm of cloud security, AWS Security Hub and configure8 are your unwavering allies. Together, they redefine resource protection, ensuring your organization remains both informed and secure. Join us on this journey and achieve high standards for cloud security!

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