Splunk On-Call (fka VictorOps)

Ingest on-call rotations. Create incidents in Splunk On-Call from the configure8 catalog UI.

Features available in the Integration

Splunk On-Call (formerly known as VictorOps) is an on-call and alert management platform providing, among other things, on-call rotations.

configure8 users benefit from seeing important data directly in their service detail page at a glance without needing to start their incident response journey by clicking into multiple tools, navigating to the proper services, and finding the right information.

Users also benefit by enabling configure8 to create an incident in Splunk On-Call, which reduces the burden on users to login to multiple tools and the effort required to create an incident.

configure8 ingests:

  • users, teams users are assigned to, and user schedules
  • schedules, scheduled rotations, and current on-call participants for each schedule
  • incidents

More information may be found in our documentation, including integration details.

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