Ingest data related to security alerts.

Features available in the Integration

Wiz (https://www.wiz.io/) is is a cloud security platform that helps organizations identify and fix cloud risks.

The combination of Wiz and configure8 enables an array of tangible benefits for enterprises:

  • Unprecedented Visibility: Every vulnerability and misconfiguration becomes instantly visible to the development teams that own services and environments which rely on an impacted resource.
  • Proactive Engagement: Owners of services are programmatically alerted to risks that surpass set thresholds, ensuring timely responses to identified issues.
  • Effortless Remediation Tracking: Monitor remediation efforts across your organizations.
  • Streamlined Issue Resolution: Leverage golden paths devised by your platform team to facilitate easy and effective issue remediation by developers when impactful issues are found by Wiz.

How to integrate configure8 with Wiz

  1. Create Service Account in Wiz
  2. Create Wiz credential in configure8
  3. Hit Save. The credentials will be checked and a discovery job will start. Done!

More information may be found in our documentation.

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Single-click integrations

  • Why write YAML and manually configure each plugin when you can securely integrate in 1 click? Integrate K8s without an agent too.

Quickly populates; avoids drift

  • Automatically populate your catalog with services and dependencies.*
  • Automatically map resources to environments and services.
  • Avoid drift to maintain catalog accuracy.*

* Requires use of supported tools

Enterprise features + support

  • RBAC, SSO, and rigorous security.
  • Hosted or deployed on-premise.
  • "White glove" success and support.