GitHub Actions

Ingest CI/CD data.

GitHub Actions ( is a CI/CD tool that enables a user to automate, customize, and execute their software development workflows in their repository. without clicking into yet another platform, navigating to the proper service, and finding the right graphs.

Developers, SREs, and DevOps engineers working on or depending on a service may find it useful to see what workflows have been run recently and to see deployments to each environment. Rather than needing to jump to another system and find the appropriate data, which is often non-obvious, especially for projects you don't work on every day, having this information at your fingertips in configure8, along with deep links to dig deeper, will make the lives of all these developers easier.

There are three main pieces of value for users:

  1. Deployment tracking by environment for a service
  2. Actions “Workflows run” list for a service
  3. Ability to query in Explore using this data

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