Automatically discover your GItHub repositories and catalog discovered resources in configure8

Features available in the Integration

GitHub ( is a Git repository hosting service. configure8 users benefit from being able to automatically discover their GItHub repositories and cataloging the discovered resources in the configure8 universal service catalog index.

How to integrate configure8 with GitHub

  1. Provide c8 with key-based access and root name (user or org)
  2. c8 seeks read-only permission
  3. c8 ingests eligible information

More integrations

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Single-click integrations

  • Why write YAML and manually configure each plugin when you can securely integrate in 1 click? Integrate K8s without an agent too.

Quickly populates; avoids drift

  • Automatically populate your catalog with services and dependencies.*
  • Automatically map resources to environments and services.
  • Avoid drift to maintain catalog accuracy.*

* Requires use of supported tools

Enterprise features + support

  • RBAC, SSO, and rigorous security.
  • Hosted or deployed on-premise.
  • "White glove" success and support.