December 6, 2023
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November 2023 Feature Update

Unveiling the latest features we built in response to your feedback.


Welcome to the latest installment of our monthly feature update at configure8! We're dedicated to continuously improving your internal developers’ experience. We're excited to unveil new  enhancements in November that were directly influenced by your invaluable feedback and suggestions. Let's dive into the new features that are set to streamline your workflow!

Feature Spotlight:

  • Streamlined User & Group Management.  Many enterprises control groups and users using a centrally managed Identity Provider (yes, another IDP!). With SCIM support from configure8, enterprises can now use the SCIM protocol to provision users and groups and keep them in sync automatically with your developer portal. Learn more in this blog post and documentation.
  • Bulk Edits. While configure8 offers numerous ways to ingest data and automatically map it, we found sometimes enterprises want to push in custom data without writing code to integrate with our API. Now you can make bulk edits in a TSV file and easily ingest this into configure8. Link to blog post and documentation.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Enhancing Self-Service Actions with Dynamic Dropdowns: An internal developer portal in part serves as an abstraction layer from complex infrastructure tooling so that developers can easily discover and take common actions using a no code form. To further minimize developer cognitive load around this common scenario, we’ve enabled platform engineering teams to dynamically populate dropdown menus in our no code forms using values pulled from our universal catalog. Now, for example, you can query and filter catalog items like resources and services when populating dynamic dropdown menus. See the full documentation and examples here.
  • SonarCloud Plugin Updates: Users can now choose the metrics they wish to display on service detail pages via the plugin configuration settings. Additionally, configure8 now supports SonarQube as well as SonarCloud.
  • New Dashboard: We’ve taken our first steps at making the configure8 dashboard more useful by showcasing your services, self-service action results, and enabling administrators to customize a text area with Markdown. We have numerous ideas on how to make the Dashboard even more useful, and we’d love to hear your ideas! Send them to or share with us via Slack.

Customer Feedback and Involvement

Your feedback continues to be instrumental in shaping configure8, including the new SonarQube work as well as enhancements to automapping. We’re committed to incorporating your feedback. For further suggestions or inquiries, please contact us at  

What's Next

Stay tuned for our December update, where we'll unveil enhancements to our data model flexibility among other features. Your success remains at the heart of everything we do!

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