February 20, 2023
 min read

Make Onboarding Even Faster With Automatic Resource Mapping

Accelerate your time to value with this onboarding automation.

Are you looking to help developers build more reliable software more quickly (and alleviate TicketOps in the process)? An Internal Developer Portal (IDP) can be the answer! But, burdensome set-up and maintenance requirements can often be a roadblock to achieving the desired results.

configure8 is here to make it easy for you. Our platform already streamlines IDP set-up and maintenance thanks to features like automatically populating your catalog with your services and dependency map as well as keeping these items fresh and drift-free, all via single-click integrations with select tools.

Now, we’ve just added a new feature that makes it even easier to set-up and maintain an IDP:  automatic mapping of your AWS, Azure, and GCP resources to your environments!

Imagine the benefits your team will enjoy - your developers can understand their environments and your ops team can save budget by identifying orphaned resources, all with minimal set-up effort and maintenance overhead. 

This is just another way the configure8 internal developer portal improves the developer experience, alleviates on-call stress, improves your cloud budget efficiency, and catalogs everything you need in one place, all with remarkable set-up ease and low maintenance.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your developer experience and platform engineering processes. Head to configure8.io to learn more about our IDP’s universal catalog, scorecards, and self-serve actions. Get started today (talk to us), and watch your team build better software faster tomorrow! 🚀

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