August 28, 2023
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Integrate Splunk On-Call into configure8’s Internal Developer Portal

The combination of Splunk On-Call + configure8 makes it easy to ensure you are incident ready.

Splunk On-Call, formerly known as VictorOps, is a leading on-call and alert management platform that helps enterprises remediate issues faster, reduce on-call burnout, and keep services up and running.

With Splunk On-Call, organizations can simplify on-call scheduling and respond quickly when incidents arise.

How Sprawling Complexity Creates Risk and Toil

On-call management plays a critical role in your SDLC, but what assurance do you have that every service in the organization actually has a rotation let alone one that is properly configured? Chances are, you have few assurances absent investing significant time to manually track this on a routine basis. That is because the essential information you need is fragmented across multiple tools. You can imagine how this introduces the potential for chaos.

This is not the only example of where sprawling complexity presents a challenge. Splunk On-Call is great for tracking mean-time-to-acknowledge and mean-time-to-respond; however, does everyone in your organization who needs to monitor these statistics have easy access to them? Can they assess results by team in order to ensure the organization is building a culture of reliability?

Without a method to centrally organize the sociotechnical knowledge in your organization, teams can face excess toil and risk lurking below the surface. But it does not have to be this way.

Splunk On-Call + configure8

The combination of these two solutions yields numerous tangible benefits:

  • Ensure every service has an on-call rotation
  • Ensure every on-call rotation is configured to your standards
  • See which teams and services have MTTA and MTTR above a threshold

How does this work in practice? The configure8 Internal Developer Portal contains a living sociotechnical knowledge map of your team and system. This map contains a registry of all services in your system. Using Scorecards by configure8, you can identify every service without a properly configured on-call rotation, programmatically notify owners of this service, and provide them guidance on how to address this, and monitor teams’ progress improving this important tenet of reliability as well as encourage teams via weekly progress reports sent via email.


configure8's new single-click integration with Splunk On-Call combines the power of these two platforms to make it easy for you to ensure you are truly incident ready.

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