January 10, 2024
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Announcing Data Flexibility in the configure8 Developer Portal

Use Any Data In Your Developer Portal, Easily Tailor Your Data Model

Unlock the flexibility to use any data in your developer portal and easily tailor your data model to the unique contours of your organization.

Why It Matters

Previously, platform engineering teams implementing internal developer portals faced limitations in their ability to easily support the diverse range of data sources and organizational structures found in a typical enterprise. Tuning the Backstage data model to your organization is so difficult many adopters give up. Vendors may lack the flexibility you need to model your organization your way. 

 Now, with configure8’s Data Flexibility, you can:

  • Easily Ingest and Present Any Data: Easily integrate data from any source, create your own schemas and relationships in a no-code UI, and use this information in various ways throughout the portal. All without writing a single line of code.
  • Support Any Abstraction: Create views and abstractions around the pain points your internal stakeholders need solved. Illustratively, create global catalogs of vulnerabilities, alerts, misconfigurations, cost centers, and see the services associated with each entry. 

How It Works

Simplicity Meets Power:

  • Define Schemas and Relate Using JSON: Use JSON to define your custom schemas, featuring a variety of data types and multiple relationship options (1:1, 1:many, many:many), extending existing catalog entities or creating brand new  user-defined schemas.
  • Automatic REST API: Populate your new schema in configure8 with data using the REST API (or the UI), and immediately see value!
  • Visibility and Accessibility: Your new data is not just integrated but also easily searchable and filterable in the catalog, accessible globally or in related data contexts.

What Are the Benefits

Experience the Power of Flexibility and Speed:

  • Flexibility Unleashed: Now you can ingest and present data from any source in your software development ecosystem, be it an internal source or third-party tool. Leverage configure8’s data relationship map and customizable presentation layer to deliver value to any internal persona and easily adapt your developer portal to the unique contours of your organization.
  • Speed to Value with No-Code: Why get tangled in code and maintenance when you can achieve more, faster, and without compromise? Our no-code approach streamlines your process while still giving you complete control over your schema and data visualization.
  • No Compromises: Custom data is a first-class citizen in configure8. It enjoys the same role based access control, discoverability via global search, and availability for use in self-serve actions, scorecards, and various catalog scenarios.
  • True Extensibility > iFrame City: Actually ingesting and processing information enables more functionality, like facilitating checks in scorecards and using this data in self-serve actions, as well as a superior UX versus "embedded" integrations, which also fail to respect your RBAC model absent extensive customization.

We Value Your Feedback

Your Input Shapes Our Future: Share your thoughts on this new functionality. Learn more about configure8's flexibility here. You can also try this feature by creating a free account as well as request a free sandbox account to see flexibility in action as an end-user. Ultimately, we’d love to talk to you and understand your use cases to make sure we’ve got you covered. Schedule a conversation here.

📢 Reminder: Don’t forget about configure8’s Custom Resources. While configure8 already automatically ingests and organizes your resources from AWS, Azure and Google, you can also add your own custom and on-prem resources to the catalog using our API as showcased in this example.

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