May 1, 2022
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Announcing configure8, The Software Development Knowledge Graph

configure8 has built the first universal internal developer portal with a knowledge explorer interface that organizes your entire software development operation.

Today we’re very pleased to announce configure8, the Software Development Knowledge Graph – a new way to help technology driven companies of all sizes build more confidently and effectively, even as the technology they use gets more and more complex. Our knowledge graph unifies information from your infrastructure, services, tools, and teams in order to provide a true, end-to-end picture of your SDLC. We created configure8 to help anyone at modern companies, but if you’ve really known the pain of fragmented knowledge, dispersed, impossible to understand architectures, and the general opacity of deploying to the cloud – you should definitely stay tuned.

The idea for configure8 came from our decades of working with companies in every industry and witnessing the growing challenges stemming from what we call “development sprawl”. As companies adopt more and more cloud infrastructure services for a growing set of applications, the pile of services, connections, access controls, and invoices becomes an unintelligible mess. It quickly becomes impossible for companies to answer important questions about their infrastructure – who owns certain services, which services support which applications – even how much you’re spending on the set of services for a particular app or line of business.

So, how does the Software Development Knowledge Graph actually work? Unlike container-based solutions that stop at service boundaries, configure8 has built the first universal internal developer portal with a knowledge explorer interface that organizes your entire software development operation - all your services, infrastructure, and key data like performance, security, cost, ownership, documentation, dependencies and dependents, in one place.

With configure8, we’re leveraging the experiences we’ve had building and managing distributed systems for some of the largest enterprises in the world. We’ve seen how the most data intensive operations function at the highest levels, and applied them to everyday scenarios so that every team will be able to organize everything, to understand their environments instantly, and improve how they operate them. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come to get to this launch today.

One of our strongest design principles during the past year has been to make configure8 as simple and automated as possible – and we think we’ve hit the mark admirably. Once your organization connects to configure8, they gain access to a world class, purpose-built Knowledge Graph that integrates with the most important tools in your Software Development workflow, extracts the data that you need most, and makes it viewable and queryable. Best of all, configure8 is always up to date – so you can be, too.

Have you ever wanted to enable your engineers to:

  • Find everything there is to know about a service or application, in one place, without searching and clicking?
  • Have *full* infrastructure transparency, from end-to-end, about how your products and services are actually running?

How about enable your leadership to easily answer hard questions, like how much services are costing to run?

If so, you’re ready for configure8.

The only thing left on this journey is to be able to share the magic of a unified, self-updating, purpose-built knowledge graph with as many of you as possible. To make that happen, we’re offering a free, 60-minute onboarding call to as many of you as we can fit in in the next 45 days. Click here to book a call. If we connect, as a gift of our appreciation, anyone who walks through onboarding with us will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

Thank you so much for checking us out – and remember, this is only the beginning.

Co-founder & CEO. Ex AOL, Google, Microsoft, NASA,, X-ID. 60+ patents.

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