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Develop, Deliver & Manage Services
Faster. Smarter. More Securely.

Create, Manage & Discover Services Using
Best-Of-Breed Toolchains

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Instantly Create New Services

With a click of a button, instantly create and productionalize a service.

Your service will have resources (i.e. infrastructure, DBs, security & more) and CI/CD pipelines properly connected to its repository.

Automate Service Management

Automate major pain points of managing services across application, infrastructure, and environment layers.

Discover Services to Deploy

Organize all your services and key information about them in one easily searchable place, regardless of whether you have no service catalog or multiple catalogs today. Fast and simple to set up.

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How C8 Works For You

How configure8 Works Art

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configure8 orchestrates your existing toolchain + delivers powerful new functionality via a single, seamless experience.

Easy To Use

  • Start from a blueprint
  • Connect your enterprise resources like databases, authentication, monitoring & more in our CLI or GUI
  • Click a button to build and deploy your new service using your existing CI/CD pipeline tooling
  • Automatically adds artifacts to the appropriate repo
  • Easily installed, simple to use, fits your existing toolchain and process, on-demand enterprise support
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Build The "Right Way"

  • Creating a secure, production-grade service the “Right Way” can require many steps
  • configure8 constructs secure and hardened services using blueprints – pre-built deployment configurations and security policies defined by your organization
  • Spread consistency, standards, and best practices across your organization without becoming an innovation bottleneck
  • Role-based access controls and logging


  • Supports microservices, serverless, vanilla services, service meshes, and applications
  • Blueprints are defined by your organization with configurable levels of flexibility for individual developers and teams
  • Rich library of pre-built extensions + easily create your own using generators and pre-built test suites
  • Infrastructure agnostic
  • Language agnostic
  • No black boxes!  Configurations stored as artifacts in your repositories. Run logs available for auditing
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Automate major pain points of managing services across application, infrastructure, and environment layers. Empower your developers to self-service without needing to become infrastructure experts.


Effortlessly comply with key security requirements via Service-Level Security Automation.

Enables users to:

  • Rotate keys, secrets, and passwords per environment
  • Security + database updates
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Automated penetration tests


Efficiently approve and automatically implement access and security requests to all resources across environments over the developer lifecycle (i.e. onboard, change access, offboard).


Service-Level (where applicable):
  • Key service details
  • View, filter & drill into logs from each resource used by a service in one screen
  • Historical cost
  • Predictions estimating the cost to scale up or out a new service
  • Insights to better troubleshoot build or deployment failures by environment
  • Identify and fix broken dependencies
  • Observe historical performance metrics by environment, where applicable

Configuration Mangement


Service-level changes:

  • Upgrade DB package versions
  • Change settings like Java HEAP size or garbage collection settings
  • Connection pool limits
  • Provisioned IOPS


Service-level controls:

  • Start / stop / reboot
  • Recreate service instances or container
  • Add a new resource to an existing service (database, logging, auth, monitoring, etc.)
  • Canary, blue/green rollouts
  • Fault injection


  • Add new alerts
  • Configure alerting thresholds


  • Create, modify or cancel jobs for a service


Gone are the days of no idea whom to call during an outage, dev teams building duplicative services, and challenges onboarding and ramping up new developers because of a lack of a single knowledge base.
Easily discover sample code, versions, documentation, dependencies, owner lists with contact information, build statistics, infrastructure configuration, resource configuration, and health metrics for each service, all in one place.
Best of all, it indexes across multiple catalogs in order to deliver comprehensive results. It’s also extremely fast and simple to set up and get going thanks to seamless integrations with key resources.

A Tool Built for Builders by Builders

configure8 is built with love by craftspersons who are intimately familiar with the inefficiency of legacy approaches to creating and managing services as well as the joy of engineering solutions users love, including developer tools and search experiences.  

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