Accelerate velocity via self-service

Liberate developers from bottlenecks and manual ops, and reduce your maintenance overhead and TicketOps burden, all without sacrificing standards. Coming soon! 

On-demand automations

Streamline your operations by empowering engineers to scaffold a new service as well as directly manage tasks related to provisioning, terminating and performing day-2 operations, all within guardrails you establish.

You’re in control

Easily build reusable golden paths that enable developers to create new services as well as manage existing ones with simplicity.

Orchestrates your existing toolchain

configure8 loosely couples with your existing toolchain and processes, which makes integrating with your Terraform, GitHub Workflow, Azure Pipelines and other automations a breeze.

Always In-Sync

A software catalog should organize your entire ecosystem, which includes enabling approved users to discover and use self-serve actions. Create, update and delete self-service actions and your changes are automatically reflected in your developer portal and ready for use.

Actions for Every Phase of the Developer Journey

Scaffold a new microservice

Deploy (canary or blue-green)

Feature flag

Lock deployments

Revert to a previous version

Securely add secrets

Upgrade package versions

Add environment variables

Force merge a pull request

Implement IaC for your service

Spin up a developer environment for 5 days

Extend TTL by 3 days

Invite developers to an environment

ETL mock data into your environment

Provision a cloud resource

Modify an existing cloud resource

Get permissions to access a cloud resource

Update an auto-scaling group

Trigger incident response runbook automation

Update pod count



Train a model

Pre-process a dataset

Run an Airflow DAG

Spin-up a remote Jupyter notebook

Add, remove or update a column

Duplicate a table

Get Started in Minutes!

See how easy it is to get started in our documentation.

Single-click integrations

  • Why write YAML and manually configure each plugin when you can securely integrate in 1 click? Integrate K8s without an agent too.

Quickly populates; avoids drift

  • Automatically populate your catalog with services and dependencies.* 
  • Automatically map resources to environments and services.
  • Avoid drift to maintain catalog accuracy.*
* Requires use of supported tools

Enterprise features + support

  • RBAC, SSO, Audit Logs and rigorous security.
  • Hosted in our secure AWS environment or yours.
  • “White glove” support.