Get It Together!

configure8 is the Software Development Knowledge Graph, helping development teams
Organize, Understand, and Improve everything they do.

Organize Everything

Find an individual application, service, or cloud resource. See key information about it
organized in one place.  Drill into details.  Deep link into underlying tools.

Cloud Resources

Avoid logging into multiple cloud accounts by organizing all your single-
or multi-cloud resources in one place.


See reliability, performance, cost, security, and CI/CD metrics in
one place. Deep link into underlying tools if needed.

Incident Response

Easily create incidents, communicate with owners, and find all the
information you need about a service, resource or application.


Visualize and filter dependencies for applications, services and
serverless functions.

Ownership & Documentation

Easily find owners and on-call rotations as well as
documentation and runbooks.

Knowledge Explorer

Get answers to powerful questions without interrupting teams.

Which of my production services are not running the latest version of Node.js?
Does my organization face risk from minimal on-call developer redundancy?
Can I save money by shutting down any non-production environments?

Up and running in 3 steps

Self-service or enterprise "white glove" onboarding.
Hosted in our secure AWS environment or yours.

Connect cloud(s) + repo(s)

C8 automatically ingests all your repositories and cloud resources upon entering read-only credentials.

Enables users to have a searchable cross-cloud, cross-account view of their resources.

Map resources to services

User selects a service or application, checks the appropriate box for the resources used.

Enables a user to see cloud costs per environment; basic catalog page now available for a service or application.

Enrich, improve, then share!

User connects more tools, adds plugins, adds documentation links, tags owners and dependencies.

Detailed catalog pages are now available for services and applications; knowledge graph fully populated.

Improve Automatically

configure8 helps every team get the answers they need to build, fix, and improve their architecture.
See exactly how it’s all connected. Reduce cloud spend. Improve security and performance. Stop sprawl and get it into the graph!

Get Started Now

configure8 really is easy to set-up and maintain. Don’t believe us? Try it for free.

What is an Internal Developer Portal?

What is an internal developer portal? Why are they so crucial to modern organizations? What's the benefit of a portal built on a living, universal knowledge graph?

We've put together resources to help answer these questions.

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