Get It Together!

With configure8’s Universal Catalog, you can easily build a living sociotechnical knowledge graph of your team and software – your applications, their services, data pipelines and ML jobs, environments, and cloud resources – and key information about each item, all in one place.

Organize Everything

Find an individual application, service, environment, or cloud resource via search or visual navigation. See key information about it organized in one place.  Drill into details.  Deep link into underlying tools. Power advanced analytics and insights.

Alleviate On-Call Stress

Easily create incidents, communicate with owners, and find all the information you need about a service like owners, alerts, observability monitors and metrics, dependencies, recent CI/CD runs, tickets, environments, resources, error budgets, documentation, APIs and more. Improve your MTTR and DevEx by having everything in one place.

Reduce Cognitive Load

Consolidate information from across dozens of tools and many cloud accounts into a unified user experience that offers developers, data engineers, ops teams, and project managers a holistic understanding. Search and filter data to limit context switching, deep link into the right place in the right tool when you need. Even see the next best action to improve the reliability, security, and cost efficiency of the code you own.

Gain Environment, Cluster, and Resource Transparency

Discover relevant environments and resources – Kubernetes as well as dozens of types of cloud resources from across cloud providers and all your accounts – via intelligent filtering or search. Drill into details to see operating information, owners, dependents and related resources, and a change log. Deep link into the right place in the right cloud account as needed.

Accelerate New Hire Onboarding
(Preserve Knowledge Too)

Onboard new colleagues faster thanks to configure8’s interactive application landscape diagram, which makes learning a new system and organization easier than ever. You can also use this to create stable knowledge artifacts ahead of any employee turnover.

Flexible Solution, Easy To Implement and Maintain

configure8 offers a flexible data model and custom views and widgets while still delivering value rapidly thanks to onboarding automation and single-click tool integrations. configure8 also minimizes your maintenance load thanks to automated drift avoidance so your catalog is always fresh and up-to-date.

Universal Catalog Benefits

Internal developer portals and platform orchestrators can deliver immediate value to growing or scaled organizations:


  • Reduces incident MTTR

  • Accelerates new developer onboarding and training

  • Creates stable knowledge artifact ahead of employee churn

  • Lays a powerful foundation for analytics and insights


  • Alleviates on-call stress

  • Helpful guidance on next best action to improve compliance

  • Faster time to first commit

  • Reduced cognitive load from everything in one place

Platform Engineering

  • Minimal set-up and maintenance overhead

  • Reduces TCO of your IDP

  • Reduced cognitive load versus navigating cloud consoles and tools

Get Started in Minutes!

See how easy it is to get started in our documentation.

Single-click integrations

  • Why write YAML and manually configure each plugin when you can securely integrate in 1 click? Integrate K8s without an agent too.

Quickly populates; avoids drift

  • Automatically populate your catalog with services and dependencies.* 
  • Automatically map resources to environments and services.
  • Avoid drift to maintain catalog accuracy.*
* Requires use of supported tools

Enterprise features + support

  • RBAC, SSO, Audit Logs and rigorous security.
  • Hosted in our secure AWS environment or yours.
  • “White glove” support.